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Address autoconfigurationEdit

Problem: IP address conflict An IP address conflict occurs when two computers on a local area network or the Internet have been assigned the same IP address, which normally render either one or both of computers unusable. This could be considered as a big problem for network operations historically since they have to configure the IP address manually.

Here are two methods in terms of IP address conflicts.

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is a network configuration protocol for assigning IP address to hosts on Internet protocol networks, which prevents address conflicts. However, the DHCP server must be configured manually to provide a unique and valid IP address.


Zero configuration networking (Zeroconf) is a set of techniques that automatically creates a usable Internet protocol network without manual operator intervention or special configuration servers and it also provides automatic address conflict detection and resolution, which is specified in RFC 3927.</p>

Note that Zeroconf is implemented in Windows 98 and later.

Zeroconf specifies the use of the IPv4 link-local address and its steps include:


Choosing an address

Detecting conflicts