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Background: Know: User Security Model, engine, userName, authentication, HMAC, privacy, initialisation vector, SEQUENCE, INTEGER, OCTET STRING, Recognize:

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Content of msgSecurityParametersEdit

Four values could be categorized as global user-based security parameters. Edit

  • msgAuthoritativeEngineID: The snmpEngineID of the authoritative engine volved in the exchange of this message. Thus, this value refers to the source for a Trap, Response, or Report, and to the destination for a Get, GetNext, GetBulk, Set, or Inform.
  • msgAuthoritativeEngineBoots: The snmpEngineBoots of the authoritative engine, an integer value from 0 to 2147483 involving in the exchange of this message.
  • msgAuthoritativeEngineTime: The snmpEngineTime msgAuthoritativeEngineBoots: The snmpEngineBoots of the authoritative engine, an integer value form 0 to 2147483.
  • msgUserName: The name of the user whose secret keys were used to possibly authenticate and encrypt the packet. It could be up to 32 characters.One of them could be categorized as authentication protocol specific parameters.

Note: These five values are 12 Bytes of Hashing for Message Authentication (HMAC).

Authentication protocol specific parameters

  • msgAuthenticationParameters: If the packet has been authenticated, then this field contains the computed HMAC-MD5 or HMAC-SHA message digest for the packet.</li>

    Privacy protocol specific parameters

  • msgPrivacyParameters: If the scopedPDU of the packet has been encrypted, then this field contains the salt (i.e. random variant) that was used as input to the DES algorithm. Its 8 Bytes implying the initialization vector.</li>

    Note: msgAuthenticationParameters and msgPrivacyParameters are empty strings if authFlag and privFlag are respectively zero.



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