Background: Know: monitor , console interface , Trap , Community , Prerequisites - booting, durable and volatile memory, IPX, Recognize:

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RMON2 probeConfigEdit

It is designed to enhance a iterperability among RMON probes and managers by defining a standard set of configuration parameters probes. It is easier for vendor’s RMON application to be able to configure remotely another vendor's RMON probe.Consists of a set of scalar objects + four tables

  • Serial configuration table
  • Network configuration table
  • Trap destination table
  • Serial connection table.

probedownload: Controls boot image used by monitor, e.g. which file, from which server, download to durable (PROM) or volatile (RAM) memory. probedownloadgroup consist following probedownloadstatus indicates current status of download e.g download success, downloaobjects probeDownloadfile, ProbeDownloadTFTPServer, probeDownloadAction and probrOutDownloadStatus.probeOutDownloadStatus indicate different status of boot image ( Download success, Download status unknown, download genral error downloadNoResponseFromServer, downloadChecksumError, downloadIncompatiableImage, tftpFileNoFound and tftpAccess Violation.)

Serial: Contains one row for each serial interface on the probe and use to configure serial interface on monitor. (serialMode, serialProtcol, serialTimeout, serialModemInitString, SerialModemHangUpString, serialModemConnectResp, serialModemNoConnectResp, SerialDiaoutTime.)

net: It comes in a network configuration table that Contains one row for each network interfaceon the probe. (netConfigIpAddress, netConfigSubnetMask and netDefaultGateway).

TrapDest: It comes in a Trap Destination Table. It defines the destination addresses for traps generated from this
device,The table maps a community to one or more trap destination entries and the same trap will be sent to all destinations specified in the rows that have the same trapDestCommunity as the eventCommunity
object in the RMON event group (TrapDeatIndex, TrapDestCommunity, TrapDestProtocol and TrapDestAddress).